Cutting edge cartoons, flash animation's and games that are politically incorrect are just the beginning. MP3 Parody Songs, Fake commercials, celebrity spoofs and political blunders complete the mix that is JabTV.

Kim Jung Li's Weapons of Mass Destruction "WMD" Blow Out Sale

How fast can you die with Saddam Hussain

Famous Last Words Starring Elvis

Early Viagra Experiments with Bob Dole

The Lord Jesus Christ's Wildest Stunts and Miracles 8

Nathan the Living Tumor

Saddam Hussain meets Pope John Paul

Saddam Hussain meets Colin Powell

Celebrity Poets with Sylvester Stallone

A word from G.W. Bush President of the United States of America

Celebrity Poets with Rush Limbaugh

Celebrity Poets with Mike Tyson

Famous Last Words Starring Marylin Monroe

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Urinator

Howard Stern in Uncle Howard's Playschool

Charleston Heston in Guns & Moses

America's least popular tourist attactions

Fun ways to die "Summer Edition"

Summer Camps we'ed like to see

Cookin Elvis "Cooking tips from the King"

Celebrity Poets with Tom Brokaw