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"Unfair and Imbalanced"
and darn proud of it.

Popeapalozza 2005
The pontif is still gurgling!
Terri Schiavo, Mitch Hedberg and soon the Pope.
Coincidence we think not.

TV Links
Toon Links
Game Links
  1. JFK Monkey
  2. Almighty Phoner
  3. Where are they now? The Teddy Ruxpin Story
  4. Shellshock Joe
  5. Jihad Joe
  6. John Ashcroft "Behind the Blue Curtain"
  7. A Message from the International Space Station
  8. A Real Drug Ad
  9. Razor Frizz
  10. Javad's Universe Episode 1 "Claymation"
  11. Javad's Universe Episode 2 "Claymation"
  12. Javad's Universe Episode 3 "Claymation"
  13. Sammy Diamond
  14. Saddam meets the Pope
  15. Saddam meets Colin Powell
  16. A Word from the Pope
  17. A Word from the Pope 2
  1. Summer Breeze
  2. The Croc Hunter
  3. Mike Tyson on Larry King Live
  4. Chuck Chat
  5. KKK Fashion Fair
  6. Osama's Cave Episode 1
  7. Osama's Cave Episode 2 - The Guest
  8. Kim Jung Il's WMD Sale
  9. The Muppet Aids Campaign
  10. A Word from George W. Bush
  11. Saddam Hussain's "How Fast Can You Die?"
  12. Blind Man's Porn
  13. Early Viagra Experiments with Bob Dole
  14. Jesus' Wildest Stunts and Miracles
  15. Nathan The Living Tumor
  16. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Urinator
  17. Howard Stern in "Uncle Howard's Playschool"
  18. Charleston Heston "Guns and Moses"
  19. Least Popular Tourist Attractions
  20. Fun Ways to Die "Summer Edition"
  21. Jab's Summer Camps
  22. Cookin Elvis with Elvis Presley


Celebrity Poets

  1. CP - Sly Stalone
  2. CP - Rush Limbaugh
  3. CP - Mike Tyson
  4. CP - Tom Brokaw

Famous Last Words

  1. FLW - Elvis
  2. FLW - Marylin Monroe
  3. FLW - General Custer
  4. FLW - Jeffery Dahmer
  5. FLW - Alex Guinness
  1. JLo's Big Ass Game
  2. DNA Slot Machine featuring Britney Spears
  3. Virtual Bush
  4. Club Tiger Woods
  5. Timothy McVeigh's Lethal Injection Game
  6. Robert Downey Jr's Drug Battle 2
  7. Disgruntled Daytrader
  8. Scratch Stephen Hawking
  9. Torture John McCain
  10. Michael Jackson's Face & Place
  11. Osama Bin Lotto
  12. Shark Attack
  13. Disgruntled Day Trader

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